3 N 1 Bungee Run

3 N 1 Bungee Run


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Daily Rate $395.00
Pickup is the following day 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Setup Area: 43' x 16' x 12'

Actual Size: 38' x 11' x 10'

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 4 & up
Min Player Height: 42" (3'8)
Max Player Weight: 225 lbs

How strong are you?!  
Choose your opponent...wisely!

Our 3 n 1 Bungee Run is the ultimate competitive test of strength and stamina.  

This inflatable Bungee Run is like no other! With two people tethered to each other by bungee cord vests, they race to finish the 3 challenges.

Bungee Run Challenges 


1. Baton Challenge: Participants will start the Bungee Run with a velcro baton. The challenge is to see who can run the furthest and fastest to stick the baton as far down the center wall velcro strip as possible. 

2. BasketBall Dunk Challenge: Participants have a small basketball. The challenge is to see who can run down and dunk it thru the hoop the fastest.

3. Human Bungee Darts: The challenge is to see who can run to the back wall with their velcro baton and stick it to a scoring circle first.

The person with the highest score and fastest speed is the winner.

For a football themed Bungee Run see our First & Goal Bungee Run 


**Min Player Height - 42"/3'8
**Max Player Weight - 225 lbs



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