Electric Trackless Train - D'Locomotive

Electric Trackless Train D'Locomotive


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Hourly Rates
1- 2 Hours $795.00
3 Hours $1,045.00
4 Hours $1,295.00
5 Hours $1,545.00
6 Hours $1,795.00
7 Hours $2,045.00
8 Hours $2,295.00

Monitors: 2

Age Group: All Ages

D'Locomotive is the epitome of premium trackless trains! 
D'Locomotive is adaptable to various themes, allowing event organizers to tailor the experience to specific occasions. Whether it's a festive holiday ride, a charming fairy-tale adventure, or a corporate-themed train, D'Locomotive can be transformed to suit any event's ambiance.
The trackless nature of D'Locomotive means it can easily navigate various routes (indoor/outdoor hard surfaces only). This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for events in parks, campuses, or venues where a fixed track might be limiting.
Provide your guests with an unforgettable journey that creates lasting memories and aligns with a commitment to a sustainable future. All aboard D'Locomotive for a magical ride!


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